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Grand Rounds: Oversupply and Mastitis


Case study: Understanding oversupply

Price: $17.00 USD

A fussy baby, sore nipples, a difficult latch, breast refusal … the symptoms of oversupply can mimic many other lactation problems. Are you confident that you can spot the signs? Explore the topic in a unique and memorable way with this Community Grand Rounds course.

Walk step by step with two experienced lactation care providers through a real-life case study of a parent with oversupply. In this recording of a live event, learn alongside the participants by receiving the case history as it unfolds. As the presenters describe the experience of this dyad week by week, you will be asked a series of thought-provoking questions and invited to provide your best analysis and recommendations for care. Pause the video and jot down your answers, then hear the responses of the original participants and the facilitators. The instructors provide videos, handouts, images, and illustrations to help you learn. Basic terms and concepts are thoroughly explained before going deeper, making the content meaningful no matter where you are in your lactation training.

Like being guided through a case every step of the way by an experienced IBCLC, this course will leave you better prepared to thrive in the real situations you will find yourself in as a lactation care provider.

Join the Birthmark Doula Collective, the New Orleans Breastfeeding Center, and Nikki Hunter Greenway for this hourlong, thoughtful discussion of: parent- and baby-related signs of oversupply, strategies for managing oversupply, and the serious problems that can arise from untreated oversupply, including mastitis.

This Course Awards:
  • 1.0 L-CERP
  • 1.0 Nursing Contact Hour
Price: $17.00
This course expires on 03/31/2025 and will be revised and re-launched by 04/01/2025
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Clinical Skills
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Development and Nutrition
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