Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

BreaSteps: Breastfeeding the Premature Infant v2


Premature baby in the NICU setting and skin-to-skin holding therapy.

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Price: $25.00

This course, by University of Virginia Breastfeeding Medicine Department's very own Valerie Goodman RN IBCLC RN IBCLC, describes the benefit of skin-to-skin holding as it relates to the NICU baby, compares feeding behaviors of a 35 weeks gestation with those of a term infant, informs families about the benefit of breast milk for the preterm infant, instructs mothers of premature infants to establish and maintain milk supply with the correct use of a breast-pump and provides anticipatory guidance for breastfeeding the premature infant at home.

The Instructor is Valerie Goodman ,RN, IBCLC, RN, and IBCLC.

This Course Awards:

  • 2 L-CERPS
  • 2 Nursing Contact Hours
  • 2 CME Credits
Price: $25.00
This course expires on 10/27/2021 and will be revised and re-launched by 10/28/2021.