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Human Milk Leaps Beyond Nutrition

By Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, RLC, BSc, CLE, CCCE, CLD, CCCE
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This four-part series from lactation expert Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, RLC, BSc, CLE, CCCE, CLD, CCCE gives insights into the scientific revelation of how human milk plays a critical role in long-term health for babies. Discover how human milk changes a child's epigenome and microbiome, how humans have evolved with the help of specialized neohormones to produce unique mammalian milk and maternal/parental behavior, and how human milk acts as an extension of the incredible placenta supporting the growth, development, and immune system of the child. This series provides a deeper understanding of the vital role human milk and mammalian biology play in human health, behavior, and micro-evolution. For those of you who love the science of lactation and for those of you just discovering the uniqueness of human milk, this series was designed for you!
This program includes these four sessions:
How Human Milk and Breast/Chestfeeding Activates Our Genes Through  
Evolutionary Milk:
The Role of Neohormones in Reproduction and Lactation
Gut Reaction:
How Human Milk and Breast/Chestfeeding Transform the Newborn Gut and Long-Term health
The Kindred Connection:
The Link Between the Placenta and Human Milk
Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, RLC, BSc, CLE, CCCE, CLD is a TEDx and international speaker, pregnancy and breastfeeding specialist, consultant, educator, and author.
Read more about Laurel Wilsons background on this bio page.
Buy Now $99 USD
4.5 L-CERP's and 4.5 Nursing Contact Hours