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Towards Exclusive Breastfeeding

With the emphasis on exclusive breastfeeding by the Joint Commission, hospitals are taking a second look at the breastfeeding support that they provide. Towards Exclusive Breastfeeding is designed to assist hospitals address the issues of exclusive breastfeeding. This is a thorough discussion of how the hospital experience impacts new breastfeeding mothers.

The Course can be presented as a 4 hour program (repeated on the same day if desired) or as a full day program.


  • tebf_01Does exclusive breastfeeding really matter: The evidence regarding infant's and maternal benefits
  • Supporting the Exclusively Breastfeeding Mother
    • Right start in Labor & Delivery
    • The importance of skin-to-skin contact
    • Baby-led latching, Mother-led latching
  • Establishing an excellent milk supply
  • When supplements are necessary
    • What to give
    • How much to give
    • How to give it
  • Small work groups (full day only)
    • Prenatal care-givers
    • Labor and Delivery
    • PACU
    • Maternity unit
    • After hospital discharge

Persuasive powerpoint presentations, videos and group discussion make for a very interesting program; and one that can change current practice! For more information or to schedule this program for your hospital, call 443-203-8553 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This program qualifies for either 4 or 7 Nursing Contact Hours and L-CERPs.

What our Students Have Said about this Program

"This information is very valuable to me because I will be starting at our hospital with lactation rounds as they become baby friendly."

"Gave me many new ideas for improvement in breastfeeding support."

"I thought the dark room, calm, quiet speaker's voice would cause me to zone out - but I was wrong. Absolutely up-to-date information layered on years of experience plus excellent slides and examples kept me listening carefully. Good job!"

"Excellent speaker, information."

"I can never be reminded to encourage 'skin-to-skin' too much. This was a great conference; the speaker was informative and kept my attention with practical scenarios."

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