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Comprehensive Review of Infant Suck

Cathy Watson-Genna BS IBCLC RLC.

This course offers a fast-paced deep dive into everything you need to know about infant suck. World renowned researcher, writer, and practitioner Cathy Watson-Genna, BS, IBCLC, RLC reviews:
  • infant oral anatomy
  • the impact of birth interventions on sucking
  • effective clinical assessment, including observation and digital exam
  • sucking problems that stem from neurological issues
and more.

The course also provides an extensive exploration of tongue-tie, Watson-Genna’s specialty, addressing research, assessment, treatment, and management. Learners with basic knowledge of infant suck and related concepts will benefit most from this comprehensive review. Whether you’re studying for the exam or looking to deepen your practice, the concepts presented here are ones you’ll use every day. 

4.5 L-CERP's, 4.5 Nursing Contact Hours and 4.5 CME's

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