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Alyssa Schnell:

Alyssa Schnell

The Supply Solution - Comprehensive guide to establishing, increasing, inducing & supporting milk production
Includes these three courses:


Three-Step Framework™  for Inducing Lactation

Reasons why parents want to breastfeed and the steps on how to initiate breastfeeding for the following groups:
  • Birthing Parents
  • Adoptive Parents
  • Intended Parents
  • Foster Parents
  • Non-birthing Parents / Birthing Parents Team
  • Trans Feminine Parents


Alternative Feeding DevicesSupplementation: A Goldilocks Dilemma

Covers these informative topics:
  • Why might supplementation be necessary
  • How much to supplement
  • What to supplement with
  • Tools for supplementation


breast pump The Proficient Pumper

Investigates these topics:
  • Why use a breast pump
  • Alternatives to pumping
  • Selecting and caring for a breast pump
  • Breast pump comfort and output


5.5 L-CERPs, 5.5 Nursing Contact Hours

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Want to purchase one of these lessons individually?

Three-Step Framework™  for Inducing Lactation

1.5 L-CERPs, 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours and 1.5 CMEs

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Supplementation: A Goldilocks Dilemma

2 L-CERPs and 2 Nursing Contact Hours

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The Proficient Pumper

2 L-CERPs and 2 Nursing Contact Hours

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