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Mastering the Art of Virtual Lactation Support for Physicians


How to provide excellent virtual lactation care

Price: $24.00 USD

Lactation professionals are conducting more virtual consults than ever before. Whether you currently love or hate this process, the good news is that virtual care is a skill that can be learned and mastered. In this course, Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC, help you shorten your learning curve by sharing best practices and lessons learned from providing virtual consults at her clinic, the San Diego Breastfeeding Center. Join Kaplan for an eye-opening discussion of:

  • Setting up your virtual workspace
  • The clinical components of a virtual consult
  • Preparing yourself and your client for a virtual session, including instructing your client on how to shoot a pre-visit video to assess oral motor structure and function
  • Advice on technology, including platforms and phone and computer use
  • Tips for fine-tuning your virtual detective skills
  • Building rapport over video
  • Why active listening and open-ended questions are essential in a virtual environment, and how to use them
  • How to create and curate a video library to share with clients on latch, positioning, using lactation tools, and more.

The course concludes with a series of common virtual consult challenges and advice on how to navigate them.

This Course Awards:
  • 1.5 L-CERPs
  • 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours
  • 1.5 CMEs

Price: $24.00

This course expires on 09/16/2024 and will be revised and re-launched by 09/17/2024
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Clinical Skills
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