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How Did I Miss That? Enhanced - Breast Assessment in Non-White Skin Tones for Physicians


Explores and explains how skin tone affects the appearance of common breast problems.

Price: $25.00 USD

Most lactation textbooks are filled almost exclusively with images of fair-skinned breasts, chests, and nipples—and so the way common problems look in white-presenting skin becomes the default. But did you know that common conditions of the breast or chest and nipples can look very different depending on the skin tone of the individual? In this cutting-edge course, Nekisha Killings, MPH, IBCLC, the creator of the Melanated Mammary Atlas, walks you through how to understand those differences. This course is rich in images comparing how common conditions look on various skin tones, providing an invaluable frame of reference for your work. Explore with Killings how you can use excellent engagement and assessment skills to flesh out your understanding of the clinical picture, so you don’t overlook or mis-assess the problem—regardless of your client’s skin tone.

The course instructor is Nekisha Killings, MPH, IBCLC.
Course Awards:
  • 1.5 CMEs
  • 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours
  • 1.5 L-CERPs
Price: $25.00
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Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology