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Newborn Assessment, Infant Growth and Development for Physicians


Deep preparation for exam and practice

Price: $79.00 USD

Few topics on the IBCLE exam are as challenging as infant growth parameters and developmental milestones. This 5.5-hour in-depth course prepares you with exactly the information you need, delivered in a way you will remember and use.

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and IBCLC Sarah Stilling explores infant growth and development (0 to 24 months) and newborn assessment via four modules of engaging, easy-to-follow lectures; high-quality photos, diagrams, and illustrations; and vivid case study examples from her own clinical practice. This powerful course will leave you in confident command of the key details of growth, development, and newborn exam, always through the lens of their implications for lactation. You’ll be ready to apply your knowledge, whether you are preparing for the exam or deepening your skills for evaluating the babies in your care.

This course is in-depth enough for the broadest anticipated scope of practice, yet accessible for learners of all backgrounds. Hone the most important skill lactation care providers use–keen observation–and leave prepared to recognize normal growth and development as well as red flags.

Course Modules

Growth and Development, Part I: Age and Growth

  • Newborn size classification systems and postnatal/lactation implications of each
  • Fetal growth restriction/intrauterine growth restriction
  • Newborn weight loss and how to counsel families about this topic
  • Healthy growth patterns for newborns, young infants, older infants, and toddlers, as well as red flags

Growth and Development, Part II: Infant to Toddler

  • Key developmental milestones from birth to 24 months
  • Formal assessment and screening tools
  • Cover gross motor, fine motor, self-help, cognitive, personal/social/emotional, and language development from 1 to 24 months in detail in 2-month increments
  • How developmental milestones impact feeding

Newborn Assessment, Part I: History and Anthropometrics & Physical Exam

  • Taking a medical history for lactating parent and/or newborn, with a focus on variables that impact feeding
  • Apgar Scores
  • Growth charts
  • Typical/physiologic exam findings unique to newborns that often alarm caregivers
  • Physical exam findings that necessitate emergent medical attention and evaluation
  • Comprehensive physical exam of the newborn

Newborn Assessment Part II: Neurocentric Approach & Functional Assessment

  • Infant behavior states and impact on feeding
  • Components of the a newborn functional neurological exam
  • Developmental reflexes and instinctive feeding behaviors
  • Clinical stability assessment, physical exam, and functional assessment
  • Passive tone, active tone, resting tone, and tendon reflexes
  • Hypertonia and hypotonia
  • Distinguish between the range of normal, outliers, and emergent issues
This Course Awards:
  • 5.5 L-CERPs
  • 5.5 Nursing Contact Hours
  • 5.5 CMEs
Price: $79.00
Primary Topics Covered
Development and Nutrition
All Topics Covered
Clinical Skills
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology
Physiology and Endocrinology
Development and Nutrition