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Community Milk-Sharing:Utilizing the Village to Combat Food Insecurity - for Physicians


Dispel myths & give evidence-based care

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Throughout human history, milk sharing and wet nursing have been the default means of feeding an infant whose lactating parent is not available. Today, however, the topic of sharing human milk is fraught with myths, misconceptions, and misinformation — which often robs infants of the best nutrition they could have and disproportionately affects the most vulnerable.

When a family is unable to provide all the milk their baby needs, as a lactation care provider, you will play a crucial role in helping them make informed, evidence-based decisions about milk sharing and donor milk. This course ensures you are equipped to be a trusted resource.

Instructor Tameka L. Jackson-Dyer, BASc, IBCLC, CHW, CLE, CLS, CLC, a private-practice  IBCLC whose work focuses on health inequity and underserved populations, is co-founder of Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color. She has designed an eye-opening course that will not only expand your knowledge of milk sharing and donor milk, but also leave you with an informed perspective on the issue. Jackson-Dyer incorporates an engaging, entertaining lecture style with illuminating historical detail, her own case studies, and the latest scientific research to dispel the misconceptions that often surround milk sharing and leave you with both the broad understanding and detailed clinical information you need to discuss human milk sharing with families from a place of evidence-based understanding and cultural humility.

This Course Awards:

  • 1.0 CME
  • 1.0 L-CERP
  • 1.0 Nursing Contact Hour

Price: $17.00

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Development and Nutrition