Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

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CME Courses for Physicians

Price: $975.00

Physicians' Core Lactation Consultant Course

54.5 hours, CBS™ upon completion.

Price: $645.00

Physicians' Lactation Consultant Bridge Course

45 Hours of Lactation Specific Training.

Price: $595.00

50 CME Bundle for Physicians

CME credits for physicians on breastfeeding medicine ...

Price: $499.00

25 CME Bundle for Physicians

CME credits for physicians on breastfeeding medicine ...

Price: $249.00

10 CME Bundle for Physicians

CME credits for physicians on breastfeeding medicine ...

Price: $99.00

Comprehensive Review of Infant Suck for Physicians

Reviews tongue movement, infant sucking skills.

Price: $59.00

Infant Assessment, Growth and Development for Physicians

An all-inclusive course on Infant Assessment, Growth and ...

Price: $49.00

3 Hour BFHI Provider Training Individual Course

3 hours of training covers the Baby Friendly USA ...

Price: $45.00

Infant Oral Anatomy for Physicians

Anatomy and physiology of the infant's mouth.

Price: $25.00

When Breastfeeding Fails for Physicians

Situations where breastfeeding difficulties result in ...

Price: $25.00

Supporting the Employed Breastfeeding Mother for Physicians

Maintaining a milk supply and milk storage.

Price: $25.00

Slow Weight Gain and Insufficient Milk Supply for Physicians

This course discusses slow weight gain and failure to ...

Price: $25.00

Relactation and Induced Lactation for Physicians

Re-stimulation of lactation and stimulation of lactation ...

Price: $25.00

Partners and Breastfeeding for Physicians

Role of Partners in the Breastfeeding Family.

Price: $25.00

Milk Banking for Physicians

This Course Covers Donor screening, Milk ...

Price: $25.00

Infections and Lactation Course for Physicians

Influenza, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, herpes, ...

Price: $25.00

LGTBQI Community and Breastfeeding for Physicians

Facilitating an Understanding to Improve the Quality of ...

Price: $25.00

Jaundice and Breastfeeding Course for Physicians

Treatments for jaundice in the breastfeeding ...

Price: $25.00

Interpretation of Breastfeeding Research for Physicians

Evaluate and interpret research particularly with ...

Price: $25.00

Initiating Breastfeeding: Facilitators and Barriers for Physicians

Hospital setting facilitators and barriers to the ...

Price: $25.00

Impact of Culture on Lactation Support for Physicians

Culture influences breastfeeding mothers.

Price: $25.00

Engorgement and Mastitis for Physicians

Causes and Treatments For Engorgrment, Mastitis, and ...

Price: $25.00

Composition of Human Milk Course for Physicians

The Composition of human milk.

Price: $25.00

Breastfeeding the Older Nursling and Weaning for Physicians

Breastfeeding the older child and timing and methods of ...

Price: $25.00

Breastfeeding the Medically Challenged Infant for Physicians

Medically challenged infant; breastfeeding and ...

Price: $25.00

Breastfeeding Multiples Course for Physicians

Breastfeeding twins, triplets, and higher-order ...

Price: $25.00

Expressing and Pumping Breastmilk for Physicians

Describes the various types of breast pumps and their ...

Price: $25.00

Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation for Physicians

Physiology of milk production, hormones and ...

Price: $25.00

Allergies and the Breastfed Infant for Physicians

Covers allergies and sensitivities, modes of action, ...

Price: $25.00

Teaching Breastfeeding Classes for Physicians

Principles of adult learning, learning styles, and ...

Price: $25.00

Legal and Ethical Concerns for the Lactation Consultant for Physicians

Basic legal principles regarding the creation, ...

Price: $22.00

Use of Herbals and Galactogogues During Lactation for Physicians

This course guides the learner through understanding ...

Price: $20.00

Infant Sleep and Feeding for Physicians

Infant Sleep Recommendations, Bedsharing, SUID, ...

Price: $20.00
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