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Questions to ask of your lactation school.

How long is the course? How many continuing education credits are offered? LER offers a comprehensive, in-depth Enriched Lactation Consultant Training Course of 95+ hours. This is required by the IBLCE for the certification exam.
Are their options for a course that grows as your career aspirations grow? 52+ hour Core Lactation Consultant Course, 45 hour Lactation Consultant Bridge Course.
What approvals does the course have? LEAARC approval of our 95+ hour course and LEAARC recognition of our 52+ hour Core Lactation Consultant Course and our 45 hour Lactation Consultant Bridge Course. LER is an approved provider under IBLCE and ANCC. Certain courses are approved by ACNM and IPMA.
What certifications are offered? The Certified Breastfeeding Specialist CBS™ is granted at the completion of the course. It is good for 5 years and renewable. Students are encouraged to go forward to take the IBLCE certification exam when they are eligible.
How long has the course been offered? Since 1993.
First the course was offered as an on-site course. With improving technology, it is now available as an on-line course.
What are the credentials of the instructors? The 40+ instructors are selected for their clinical experience, expertise and teaching experience. Biographies for each instructor are available here.
Are course descriptions available? Find the course syllabus for LCTP.
Find the course syllabus for CLCC.
Find the course syllabus for Bridge.
What are the instructional methods? Video web-cast (see the speakers slides, hear the speakers voice).
Students can print note-taking templates with individual lesson objectives.
Links to relevant websites are provided.
Textbook reading assignments.
How extensive is the course? The 95+ hour course covers all topics on the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline to prepare you for the IBLCE certification exam.
Alternatively, taking the Core Lactation Consultant Course and Lactation Consultant Bridge Course together will also cover all topics in the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline for the IBLCE certification exam.
Students are prepared to take the IBLCE certification exam and to begin practice as a novice lactation consultant.
Does the course support the lactation profession? The course offers the Certified Breastfeeding Specialist® certificate upon completion which is good for 5 years. Additionally, all students are encouraged to take the IBLCE certification exam when they are eligible.
What does LER do to support diversity in students and instructors? LER is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to provide diversity of thought, lived experiences and perspectives in the carefully culled expert content.
LER as a three tiered scholarship program, Rising Tide.
LER offers a discount based on the World Bank Economic Indicator for students from developing countries. Details on this page.
Are there other fees? No other fees. The course text book can be purchased separately.
Where do students get Clinical instruction? LER has arranged clinical internships at more than 100 sites Selected sites are available by Affiliation Agreement in other locations. Go to the clinical internship page.
Are sources for the required college courses provided? LER has affiliation agreements with 2 Online colleges where students can get the 6 required courses.
Does the course provide an exam? There are 5 question post-tests at the end of every module. There is a 100-question final exam at the end of the course. This exam may be repeated if necessary.
What happens after the course is completed? LER offers an Exam Review Course (discounted for LC training students) You can join our Facebook page for Exam Candidates to connect with other LER students preparing for the IBLCE Exam. Students are able to go back to any lesson they wish to review and study. Continuing education CERP courses like the 75 Hour Recertification Course and individual lessons are available for continuing certification after passing the IBLCE exam.
How do students and instructors interact? Students may call or email the LER office with questions. Our Support Team usually responds within 1 business day.
What are the completion requirements? All slides from the lessons must be viewed in their entirety and the post-tests completed with a score of 80% or greater. For courses with a final exam, that must also be completed with a score of 80% or greater. The final exam may be repeated for practice.
Is there a limit on class size? No, we can accommodate unlimited numbers of students on our computer servers.
Do classes start at specific times? No, students can enroll when they are ready and work at their own pace.
Is there a time limit on completing the lessons? Students work at their own pace. Access to LERQbank exam review subscriptions is for six months. All other online training courses offer access for 365 days. If additional time is needed, an extension can be purchased for a nominal fee. Please note: the access to LERQbank may not be extended beyond the six months.
Does the course support the WHO Code? Yes, LER fully supports the World Health Organization Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

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