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Price: $116.00
Price: $329.00

3 Hour BFHI Provider Training Individual Course

3 hours of training covers the Baby Friendly USA ...

Price: $49.00

50 CME Bundle for Physicians

CME credits for physicians on breastfeeding ...

Price: $599.00

Advantages of Breastfeeding

40 advantages of breastfeeding to babies and mothers.

Price: $79.00

Allergies and the Breastfed Infant for Physicians

Covers allergies and sensitivities, modes of action, ...

Price: $30.00

Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation for Physicians

Physiology of milk production, hormones and ...

Price: $30.00

Anatomy of a Lactation Consultation for Physicians

Typical lactation consultation process.

Price: $24.00

BFHI Breastfeeding the NICU Infant Individual

For NICU nurses and lactation ...

Price: $199.00
Price: $30.00

Breastfeeding Multiples for Physicians

Everything you need to know about supporting ...

Price: $17.00

Breastfeeding the Late Preterm Infant for Physicians

Infants born between 34 and 37 weeks gestation.

Price: $17.00

Breastfeeding the Medically Challenged Infant for Physicians

Medically challenged infant; breastfeeding and ...

Price: $25.00

Breastfeeding the Older Nursling and Weaning for Physicians

Breastfeeding the older child and timing and methods of ...

Price: $25.00

Composition of Human Milk Course for Physicians

The Composition of human milk.

Price: $30.00

Counseling Skills for Physicians

Counseling skills necessary for effective lactation ...

Price: $17.00

Domestic Violence and Lactation for Physicians

Signs, types of domestic violence and effects on ...

Price: $17.00

Engorgement and Mastitis for Physicians

Causes and Treatments For Engorgement, Mastitis, ...

Price: $30.00

Essentials of Positioning for Physicians

Overcoming sucking problems, poor latch, and breast ...

Price: $24.00

Expressing and Pumping Breastmilk for Physicians

Covers breast pumps, expressing, and using stored ...

Price: $24.00

Formula Feeding for Physicians

Formula types, safe preparation, feeding methods

Price: $17.00

GERD and the Breastfed Infant for Physicians

GERD clinical features, current research, ...

Price: $17.00

Getting the Right Start

Prenatal breastfeeding class

Price: $99.00
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