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Tongue Tie: Can Breastfeeding Be Part of the Solution?

New approach to latching with tongue tie
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Working with tethered oral tissues can be stressful for parents, babies, and lactation professionals alike.

This course offers a powerful new tool for working with this challenging problem–the Concorde Latch technique.

You will learn specific ways to hold and offer the breast, as well as specific ways to support and position the baby, to encourage more relaxation, a wider open mouth, and a greater range of motion for the tongue and jaw than in traditional holds. When used with babies with tethered oral tissues, these techniques improve parent comfort and milk transfer while helping baby develop the skills and strength to use the tongue and jaw effectively.

Your instructor for this course is Myrte van Lonkhuijsen, MA, IBCLC, a private-practice lactation consultant who developed Concorde Latching and has used it extensively with clients with babies. van Lonkhuijsen teaches the techniques through discussion, demonstration, and videos of actual dyads using Concorde Latching.

Use this approach in your practice with babies with tethered oral tissues (before, after, or in the absence of surgical procedures); with infants with receding chin; with mismatch of nipple and mouth size; and with reflux.

Whether you are new or experienced at working with tethered oral tissues, you will leave this course with a gentle and effective new tool in your toolbox–one that makes breastfeeding itself a flexible and adaptable training facility.

This course awards:

2.0 L-CERPs and 2.0 Nursing Contact Hours

Cost: $48.00

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