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  • LER offers lactation training for every goal. How can we help you reach yours?

Become a lactation consultant

Turn your passion into a profession, with LER's help.

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Become an IBCLC

LER has everything you need: education, clinical hours, and exam prep.
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Explore certifications and credentials
LER provides training from entry-level to advanced.
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Become a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS)
LER provides the training and exam you need.

Resources for IBCLCs

LER is the premier provider of continuing education and recertification credits for IBCLCs.

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Continuing education to enhance your practice

LER's course catalog is continually updated with today's most important topics.

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Everything you need to recertify by CERPs

LER guides you through the process and has exactly the courses you need.

Resources for CBSs & those with entry-level credentials

Keep your CBS active, or take the next step on your lactation provider journey.

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Add to your lactation training
Our course catalog offers a vast array of lactation topics.
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Advance to the IBCLC
Complete your lactation training with LER’s Bridge Course.
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Renew your CBS
LER makes CBS recertification easy.

Lactation training for healthcare professionals

LER offers continuing education credits in lactation for physicians, nurses, doulas, and other health care providers.

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Lactation training for nurses
Earn contact hours and enhance your skills.
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Lactation training for physicians
Earn CME and offer excellence in care.
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Lactation training for doulas and student doulas
Meet requirements and build lactation expertise.
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Lactation training for advanced practice providers
Explore the lactation field and earn continuing education credits.
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Lactation training for pharmacists
Open career doors and earn continuing education credits.
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Lactation training for dieticians
Expand your services for families while you earn continuing education credits.