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Price: $24.00 USD

Use of LARC Methods During Lactation

Pharmacology, efficacy, & milk supply

Price: $17.00 USD

What are you working with? Ultimate essentials in your LC toolkit

LER Live! With Nikki and Nikki - Essentials in your LC ...

When Breastfeeding Fails

Counseling during difficult situations.

Price: $48.00 USD

When Developmental Trauma and Breastfeeding Collide

The tools you need to provide support

Price: $36.00 USD

Who Knew? The Estrobolome and The Mammary Gland

A deep dive into estrogen in the life cycle & ...

Price: $30.00 USD

WIC Bundle

Enhance your Skills Serving your Community!

Price: $199.00 USD

Yeah, Baby, You're Expected to Do Both

Help families navigate combining breast and bottle

Price: $30.00 USD
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