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Underlying Medical Conditions in the Lactating Individual for Physicians

An MD-IBCLC shares her approach
Price: $36.00 USD

Every new parent has a unique history, and that includes their medical history. For a lactation client with an underlying medical condition, expert support is more important than ever to ensure their health, the health of their baby, and their lactation success. But for the lactation care provider, these questions can be complex!

Consider this course your opportunity to chat with an experienced physician about this issue — a physician who is also an IBCLC and spends much of her day supporting lactating patients! In this course, Sally Wineholt, MD, IBCLC, shares with you her own approach to working with underlying medical issues during lactation. By the end, you will have a reliable, logical, tried-and-true method that allows you to confidently provide evidence-based, reliable guidance for your client.

In this two-part course, Wineholt discusses in detail a wide array of common mental health and physical health conditions, their treatments, and their implications for lactation.

In the process, she provides an elegant and surprisingly simple template you’ll come back to again and again — because it works, no matter what condition your client is facing.

Learn through Wineholt’s clear, engaging lecture style and case studies allowing you to practice putting the assessment steps into practice in real-world situations. The simple, powerful tools Wineholt offers are ones you will want to have in your toolbox before the next time you encounter a complex underlying medical question – in practice or on the exam!

This Course Awards:

  • 2.5 CMEs for Physicians
  • 2.5 L-CERPs
  • 2.5 Nursing Contact Hours

  Price: $36.00

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Physiology and Endocrinology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology