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Occupational Safety and Security


Care for yourself as you care for clients

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Price: $17.00 USD

This course by Courtney Polk, MSN, RN, IBCLC, fulfills the IBCLC exam course requirement for  Occupational Safety and Security for Health Professionals …  but it does much more! 

Polk delivers content that speaks directly to your life as a lactation care provider, giving you the tools to keep yourself safe and thriving in your work. For example:

  • If you conduct home visits, how can you care for your body during hours in the car or on the phone?
  • If a parent tells you household members are sick, do you need to cancel or switch to telehealth? How do you decide?  
  • Healthcare facilities can be stressful places, and interpersonal violence is a real risk — do you know how to spot the warning signs and protect yourself? 
  • Working with families struggling to feed their babies in any setting is emotionally challenging — have you thought through how you will nurture yourself to avoid burn-out and compassion fatigue over time? 

Polk covers all these scenarios and more. Share in her experience working as a lactation care professional in multiple settings, and come away with solid advice for keeping yourself safe, well, and thriving for the long haul in your job as a lactation care provider. 

Part of our General Education Package, this course fulfills the IBCLC exam course requirement for Occupational Safety and Security for Health Professionals.

This Course Awards:
  • A Certificate of Completion

Price: $17.00