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Which Pathway is best for me?

Below are some tables which compare the pathways.

The information below is LER's interpretation of the guidelines. Please refer to the IBLCE website for more details.

  Pathway 1 Pathway 2 Pathway 3
Available from
Lacation Education Resources?
Yes! Not Available from LER. Yes!
Prior Experience: Recognized Health Professional
Recognized Mother Support Counselor Organization
Depends on Program. None Required
Relative Cost:        
All Classes On-line?: Yes. Depends on Program. Yes.

What is the intent of this pathway?

This pathway is generally for individuals who have already obtained a minimum of 1000 hours of lactation specific clinical experience through paid or volunteer work as a Recognized Health Professional and/or Recognized Mother Support Counselor.

Pathway 2 requires that candidates complete a college or university program in human lactation and breastfeeding. Pathway 3 is the pathway for those who have varying levels of education and/or experience but do not currently work in a qualified profession as detailed in Pathway 1.


Requirements that need to be met, established by the IBLCE:
Note that the requirements for Pathway 1 and 3 are the same until the clinical experience requirement is reached.
Below are links to how we can help you fulfill these requirements.
Lactation Specific Education:
14 Health Science Courses:
Clinical Experience:
  95 Actual Clock Hours

8 College Level Health and Science Courses

General Education Courses Basic Life Support (BLS)

Varies by Pathway.

Pathway 1

Offered through a Partnership

You may have already met this requirement while earning your degree.

Available BLS Courses

1000 Hours of hands on clinical assistance. Completed while working:

-As a Recognized Health Professional
-At a Recognized Mother Support Counselor Organization

Pathway 2:

Not offered by LER.

Varies by Program.

Depends on Program.

Some programs require these to be completed before enrolling.

Here is an option for these courses.

Some programs require these to be completed before applying or enrolling.

Here is an option for these courses.

Depends on Program 300 Hours
Some programs charge additional for an internship.
Pathway 3

Offered through a Partnership

Available BLS Courses 500 Supervised Hours