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Original Artwork Complete Set


Complete set of original artwork

Price: $179.00 USD
Basic set:
  • Alveoli
  • Breast Interior
  • Breast Shapes
  • Exterior Breast Growth
  • FIL Prolactin Receptors
  • Hormones of Lactation
  • Interior Breast Growth
  • Latch
  • Locations of Breasts
  • Milk Line
  • Nipple Shapes
  • Twin Positions
Plus additional images to make the complete set:
  • Abnormal Nipple Discharge
  • Blood Supply
  • Breast Anatomy
  • Cooper's Ligaments
  • Ducts
  • Engorgement, Obliterated Nipples
  • Fat
  • Free Nipple Graft
  • Galactocele
  • Glands
  • Inferior Pedicle Technique
  • Lymph System
  • Nerve Supply
  • Nipple Damage
  • Periareolar Reduction
  • Sites for Implants Interior
  • Superior Pedicle Technique
After purchase an email will automatically be sent to the email you registered with. This email will contain the zip folder with the images. If you have any trouble with the zip file or are unable to open it please contact Support@LactationTraining.com and we are happy to help.