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HIV: breastfeeding and chestfeeding recommendations

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The lecture provides global evidence and infant feeding recommendations for families living with HIV. Dayna Hall guides us through barriers to formula feeding for families living with HIV in high-resource countries, reviews contraindications for breast/chestfeeding in families living with HIV in high resource areas, discusses current recommendations to prevent mother to child transmission for families living with HIV who prefer to breast/chestfeed and lastly, lays out a framework for counseling a family living with HIV to safely, exclusively breast/chestfeed.

The Instructor is Dayna Hall, BS IBCLC ICCE (ATC).

This Course Awards:
  • 1 CME
  • 1 L-CERP
  • 1 Nursing Contact Hours
Price: $17.00

This course expires on 02/10/2023 and will be revised and re-launched by 02/11/2023.

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