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Supporting Bottle Feeding Skills


What lactation providers need to know

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Bottles are a part of many lactating families’ feeding journeys, but very few families receive adequate guidance on how to use them safely and effectively. As a lactation support provider, you may never have received much coaching on this important skill, either! But just like breastfeeding or chestfeeding, bottle feeding is a hands-on skill that requires practice and can be learned. Instructor Susan Howard, MSN, RN, IBCLC, specializes in bottle skills. With her excellent step-by-step explanations and the course’s many videos of bottle skills in action, you will come away confident in your own bottle skills and your ability to teach them to parents. Learn to: 

  • Counsel lactating parents who will be introducing bottles
  • Educate parents about responsive feeding while bottle feeding, including understanding and being able to communicate about pressure feeding
  • Coach parents on how to position their baby and how to offer the bottle for the best results
  • Evaluate bottles and suggest the right one for your client, including knowing all the parts of a bottle and how variations in shape affect latch and feeding
  • Give parents the right information to bottle feed while protecting their breastfeeding/chestfeeding relationship and milk supply

As a lactation care provider, are you the right person to help a family learn to skillfully offer a bottle to their baby? After this class, the answer will be yes!

This Course Awards:
  • 1.5 R-CERPs
  • 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours

Cost: $24.00

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