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Do Lactation and Booze Mix?


An ethical, evidence-based approach 

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Liz Brooks, attorney and IBCLC, provides exactly what you need to counsel clients on the potentially sensitive issue of alcohol use during lactation in this clear, evidence-based discussion. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of the biological facts, grounded in the research, and with a pragmatic, client-centered way to discuss the topic in a non-judgemental manner.

Take this course to learn:

      • What happens biologically from the time a lactating parent takes a drink through when the infant metabolizes milk containing alcohol.
      • The important and often misunderstood relationship between amount of alcohol the lactating parent consumes, time, and the dose the infant receives.
      • What the scientific literature says about alcohol and lactation and about how consuming milk containing alcohol affects infants. (Prepare to be surprised.)
      • How alcohol use affects oxytocin, prolactin, milk supply, and MER.
      • The recommendations of major professional organizations around the world, and where their recommendations do and do not reflect the scientific evidence.
      • What IBLCE and ILCA guiding documents communicate about the IBCLC’s role.
      • How to discuss alcohol and lactation with your clients, provide evidence-based information in a dispassionate way, and respect the family’s role in making their own choices.

Liz Brooks, JD, IBCLC, FILCA, has specialized in ethics as a practicing attorney, works as a private-practice IBCLC, and is the author of textbooks, journal articles, and blogs on legal and ethical issues. She teaches in a clear, logical style that makes the information understandable, thought-provoking, and memorable–you’ll find yourself wishing the course wasn’t over at the end!

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This course awards:

    • 1.5 L-CERPs
    • 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours
    • 1.5 CMEs
This course expires on 05/07/2025 and will be revised and re-launched by 05/08/2025
All Topics Covered
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Clinical Skills
Development and Nutrition
Primary Topics Covered
Pharmacology and Toxicology