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When it comes to choosing and using a breast pump, today’s parents have more options and more information than ever before. This can make pumping easier, more convenient, and more effective … but it can also make it more complex. The result: Parents who are going to regularly express their milk for any reason need accurate, skilled support. WIth this course, you will be able to guide clients throughout their pumping journey, whether they pump once in a while, throughout their work week, or all the time.

Few lactation professionals know more about the nuances of breast pumps and expressing milk than instructor Alyssa Schnell, MS, IBCLC. In her private practice, Schnell specializes in induced lactation, re-lactation, and related topics, helping parents around the world establish and maintain milk supplies in situations of adoption, surrogacy, and more. In this course, she prepares you to help parents:

  • Choose the right pump for their needs
  • Care for and maintain their pump
  • Evaluate whether their pump is working correctly
  • Achieve the most comfortable pumping experience possible
  • Determine how much milk they need to pump and create a pumping schedule
  • Maximize their pumping output through multiple approaches

The information in this class is a must-have for every lactation care provider, and you won’t want to miss Schnell’s wealth of information and clear, concise explanations.

This Course Awards:
  • 2 CMEs for Physicians
  • 2 Nursing Contact Hours
  • 2 L-CERPs
Price: $48.00
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Clinical Skills
Physiology and Endocrinology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
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