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Featured Courses:
Tongue-Tie Assessment and Treatment
This in-depth course discusses the assessment and treatment of tongue-tie in infants.
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4 L-CERP's, 4 Nursing Contact Hours and 4 CPE's
Comprehensive Review of Infant Suck
World renowned author and researcher Cathy Watson-Genna BS IBCLC RLC reviews tongue movement during normal breastfeeding, conditions that may impact infant sucking skills, describes the importance of latch in normal sucking and defines breastfeeding related consequences of tongue tie as well as discusses interventions for feeding problems related to tongue-tie.
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3 L-CERP's, 3 Nursing Contact Hours and 3 CPE's
Comprehensive course covers allergies and sensitivities, modes of action, testing and identification.
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2 L-CERP's, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPE's
Slow Weight Gain
Discusses slow weight gain and failure to thrive and their causes. Also assessment of maternal milk supply and how to increase it. Learn how to calculate appropriate supplementation if necessary.
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2 L-CERP's, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPE's
Medications and Breastfeeding
Covers the actions, indications and contraindications for breastfeeding of prescription and over-the-counter medications, anesthetics, analgesics and recreational drugs which are often used to treat illness or enhance and support health and breastfeeding.
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2 L-CERP's, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPE's
Herbals and Galactagogues
Information for herbals and galactogogues for use during breastfeeding, discuss adverse affects in children of mothers taking herbals and galactogogues during breastfeeding, identify herbals and galactogogues that are usually compatible and discuss counseling mothers with regard to herbals and galactogogues.
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2 L-CERP's, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPE's
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