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Get your questions answered about the new
IBLCE Five-Hour Communications requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Q. I did communication training years ago, will that count?
  • A. Any communications training should be accepted by the IBLCE as long as it is obtained during the 5 year period right before you apply for their exam.
  •   Q. Does the communication training need to be specifically focused on lactation management?
  • A. According to the IBLCE website: “Preferably, these five hours will be directly related to lactation and breastfeeding care, but this is not a requirement.”
  •   Q. Are the 5 hours included in the LER 95+ hour course?
  • A. Our LCTP version 9 and version 10 have the 5 hours built in! We recently combined our 90 hour LC Training Program with our 5 hour Communication Skills Training Course, so we now offer the 95 hour LC Training Program Enriched. (If you completed our 90 hour LCTP version 8 or earlier, you can take the 5 hours of Communication Skills Training as a stand alone course. Just click the Buy Now button below, to place the 5 hour Communications course into your shopping cart.)
  •   Q. Where can I get the five hours of communications training?
  • A. Here at LER!
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The Communications Skills for the Lactation Support Provider bundle includes:

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Translating the Science of Breastfeeding
Communicating with Parents
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