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Plastic Surgery Procedures and Lactation for Physicians


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Learn what you need to know to support clients who have had breast surgery with lactation from an internationally renowned expert in both. Katrina Mitchell, MD, IBCLC, PMH-C, FACS, is a fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist. She is also an IBCLC who cares directly for lactating parents, speaks internationally on topics related to lactation and breast surgery, and has developed a course on breastfeeding medicine for breast surgeons. Now, you can benefit from Mitchell’s vast knowledge of breast surgery and lactation when you enroll in this comprehensive course.

Topics covered include reduction mammoplasty; breast augmentation; congenital breast anomalies (accessory or supernumerary nipples, axillary breast tissue, tubular breast deformity, and Poland syndrome); nipple surgical procedures (to correct inversion or to reduce nipple size); and gender affirming “top” surgeries. In each area, Mitchell discusses a wide array of procedures and techniques and their potential effects on lactation.

You’ll benefit from the course’s rich collection of illustrations and photos, as they bring the material to life, making it understandable and memorable. Vivid case studies from Mitchell’s practice are also interwoven throughout the course, and underscore a common theme: Every case you see of a client who has had breast/chest plastic surgery will be unique, and lactation outcomes should never be assumed. With this mind, you will leave this course with a sound, broadly applicable clinical approach to individualizing your care for the best possible outcome.

The research is clear: When parents with previous breast/chest surgery do not attempt lactation, the predominant reason is lack of support and encouragement. Equipped with the knowledge from this class, you will be able to avoid assumptions, prepare your client for a wide array of potential outcomes, follow them closely, and support them unconditionally.

This course awards: 2.0 CMEs, 2.0 L-CERPs, 2.0 Nursing Contact Hours

Cost: $30.00

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