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Tethered Oral Tissues: A Collaborative Model of Care


Comprehensive model of care for tethered oral tissues

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Unfortunately, it’s become a common scenario: A lactating parent with nipple pain, difficulty latching, poor weight gain, or other concerns hears from friends or social media about tongue tie. Without resources to truly evaluate the situation, they scour the Internet for a provider to perform a tongue tie release. They make an appointment, assuming the surgery will fix their problems. In reality, tethered oral tissues (TOTs) require a comprehensive model of care addressing the health of both the parent and the infant.

Successful treatment involves communication and collaboration between IBCLCs and release providers before, during, and after surgery.  In this course, an IBCLC and a pediatric dentist, both specializing in TOTs, bring years of expertise to the table, sharing the keys to a collaborative, holistic model of care.

At the end of this course, you will be able to define tethered oral tissues, evaluate structure and function, utilize validated assessment tools, and provide counsel and pre-and post-op care for release procedures, as well as collaborate effectively with other providers for optimal outcomes.

Misconceptions and knowledge gaps about tethered oral tissues abound; after this course, you will be able to serve as a resource for accurate, comprehensive information and care.

This Class Awards:
  • 2 CERPs
  • 2 Nursing Contact Hours
Price $48.00
This course expires on 08/09/2024 and will be revised and re-launched by 08/10/2024
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