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Supporting breastfeeding in the non-birthing parent: A 3-lesson conference

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Price: $129.00 USD

This conference featuring leading expert Alyssa Schnell, MS, IBCLC, prepares you to support lactation in the non-birthing parent in situations of adoption, surrogacy, co-nursing, fostering, and more. With lessons on inducing lactation, pumping, and supplementation, this conference equips you to tailor wrap-around support for each unique parent’s entire journey.

Included in this conference:

The Three-Step Framework for Inducing Lactation. Parents seeking to induce lactation need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Schnell’s three-step framework is flexible, customizable, and evidence-based, allowing you to tailor your care plan in circumstances of adoption, surrogacy, co-lactation, various hormonal and anatomical profiles, and more.

The Proficient Pumper. Confidently help parents choose the right pump, determine how much milk they need to pump, create a schedule, and maximize their pumping output.

Supplementation: A Goldilocks Dilemma. Take the guesswork out of creating a supplementation plan, with Schnell’s clear, systematic approach to finding the just-right amount, length of time to continue, and best way to provide the supplement for each unique situation.

This Course Awards:
  • 5.5 L-CERPs
  • 5.5 Nursing Contact Hours
Price: $129.00

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Clinical Skills
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