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Universal Precautions and Infection Control


Key steps for lactation professionals

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The spread of infection is similar to a chain reaction — the infection must find a pathway from the source to a susceptible person. Learn how to provide care in a way that helps break the chain, contributing to greater health for you, your clients, their families, and the public.

This easy-to-follow, engaging course from Courtney Polk, MSN, RN, IBCLC explains:

  • Modes of Transmission (droplet, airborne, bloodborne, vector-borne, fecal-oral, vertical)
  • The epidemiological triad/triangle of disease
  • The chain of infection 
  • Standard precautions (hand hygiene, PPE, respiratory etiquette, safe handling of contaminated surfaces/equipment, and
  • Transmission-based precautions, and more

Most importantly, Polk explains specific ways to apply this information to lactation practice, in both facility and private practice settings. You’ll learn about the importance of having and communicating clear, evidence-based infection control policies, including policies on canceling or conducting visits if you or your client is sick, hand hygiene, mask wearing, and more. 

Part of our General Education Package, this course fulfills the IBCLC exam course requirement for Universal Safety Precautions and Infection Control. 

This Course Awards:
  • A Certificate of Completion
Price: $17.00