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Overcoming Bias in Yourself and In Your Practice


Recognizing mistakes and making amends

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Do you ever make bias-related mistakes when caring for clients? What do you do if you do make one? 

Come to this course to learn and grow through frank, informed, actionable conversation. Instructor Kristin Cavuto is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an IBCLC in private practice with deep knowledge of how bias affects care during birth and breastfeeding. 

You’ll begin by getting a solid foundation with Cavuto’s clear explanations of bias, intersectionality, and related concepts, spend time reflecting on your own identity and experiences, and then join Cavuto as she explores six real-life scenarios where bias negatively impacted the care received by a birthing and lactating family. Stories are told from the perspective of the family members themselves–from cases where bias led to premature weaning to those where it led to potential physical violence. Cavuto clearly explains the bias-related errors made by practitioners, and then goes back through each scenario to explore how concrete, effective amends can be made to each family. 

As Cavuto teaches, unlearning the biases our cultures are continually teaching us is the work of a lifetime. This course is an excellent place to start doing that critically important work and will leave you well prepared to recognize where you can do better, and equipped to make genuine amends when you make a mistake. 

This Course Awards:
  •  1.5 E-CERPs 
  •  1.5 Nursing Contact Hours 

Primary Topics Covered
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology
All Topics Covered
Clinical Skills
Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology