Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

Ethical Issues for Lactation Consultants - Ethics Bundle


Ethics Bundle - 5 E-CERPs and 5 Nursing Contact Hours.

Picture of a doctor holding a sign that says ethics.
Price: $79.00
  • 'Ethical Considerations by Marion 'Lou' Lamb
  • 'Insights into Ethical Practice' ~Interview with Jeanne Mitchell, MSN, IBCLC and Angela Love-Zaranka, BA, IBCLC, RLC, past IBLCE Ethics Committee Members
  • 'Legal and Ethical Concerns for the IBCLC' ~ Lecture by Liz Brooks, Esq., regarding legal concerns of the lactation consultant.
  • 'Controversies in Breastfeeding Promotion' by Marion "Lou" Lamb
  • Thought Provoking Questions and Post-Test
This Course Awards:
  • 5 E-CERPs
  • 5 Nursing Contact Hours
Price: $79.00

This course expires on 09/01/2023 and will be revised and re-launched by 09/02/2023.