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CBS Renewal


CBS Renewal

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Price: $75.00

Your Certified Breastfeeding Specialist CBS™ certificate is valid from the date of successful completion of your course, for 5 years. It is renewable for 5 years and can be renewed every 5 years.


  • 20 CERPs (available online from LER or from any conference which you attend that grants CERPs)
    • Scan your certificates or
    • Photograph with your phone and
    • Email to
    • or mail to Lactation Education Resources, 6329 Genoa Road, Tacy's Landing, MD 20779
  • Letter of Recommendation from a colleague who can attest to your clinical skills and competence

Please complete the following form and pay the renewal fee to enable your recertification:


More detailed information regarding the scope of practice for a CBS may be found in the following document.