Current Student Access Extension

Time ran out? Extend now.

Need more time to finish your course?

We offer a one year extension of access for those who would like additional time to study or for those who did not complete the course before the one year access period ended. Students can purchase this extension if the course was originally purchased within the last 3 years. Courses older than 3 years cannot be extended.

Please note: If you have already received a completion certificate for the course you are extending access to, additional continuing ed hours will not be awarded, even if you review the entire course again.

Please begin the extension process with the button below if your course is less than 3 years old.

Review Courses provide a 6 month subscription. So if purchasing a $75 extension for your IBLCE Exam Review course, we will add 6 months of additional access to your Review Course.

Extend Access  $75

Please use the following link if you are currently in our 90 hour LCTP and would like an extension of your course along with a version upgrade featuring 5 hours of qualifying communications lessons. Totals 95+ Hours.

Extend Access  $125

Please allow 1 to 2 business days to process your request.