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Find a Way

I recently listen to a TED talk from Diana Nyak About her swim from Cuba to Key West at age 64. On her 5th attempt to swim the channel she succeeded after 54 grueling hours. 

For those of us who have been working in the lactation consultant field it can feel no less grueling.  Not as dangerous to be sure, but just as challenging.

Her challenges:   Jelly fish with vicious stings

Our challenges:    Unsupportive coworkers who can undermine our efforts

Her challenges:    Sharks

Her challenges:    Hypothermia

Our challenges:  Working alone with no support from colleagues

Our challenges:   The formula industry

Her challenges:    Exhaustion

Our challenges:  Years of struggle to make even the smallest policy change

Her challenges:    Navigation

Our challenges:  What is the best strategy to make change or educate co-workers?

Her challenges:    Food and drink 

Our challenges:  Recharging with suggestions from coworkers or conference attendance.

The prize for her.   Walking up on the beach in Key West

For us it might be finally becoming certified as an IBCLC, or helping a mom with a particularly difficult situation or bringing your hospital through the Baby Friendly Hospital designation process

Don't give up when the difficult seems impossible. 

Find a way

By the way, if you are not plugged into the TED talks, you will find them fascinating






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