Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

Infant Ready Emergency Feeding Program
New Orleans Breastfeeding Center and Lactation Education Resources present a X hour long webinar with the following topics:
  • Preventing malnutrition and infection in young children
  • Addressing the special needs of pregnant and postpartum women
  • Managing and distributing formula according to international guidelines
  • Supporting breastfeeding
  • Practicing safe infant feeding techniques
X Hour online webinar

Improve infant, maternal and community health outcomes during and after a disaster with this convenient online course. When onsite options are not feasible this is a great way to distribute knowledge quickly and economically!
Instructor: Malaika Ludman MPH, CLC, Doula
Malaika is a birth Doula and certified lactation counselor with a Master’s degree in Public Health.
Coming Soon
4 hour live onsite training
First Responders, Emergency Managers, .... can also get hands on expanded, in person, training.
Bring the basic infant feeding and lactation training to your location!
To schedule a training:
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