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Whether you are sitting for the exam for the first or the fifth time, feel confident and prepared with LER’s online prep courses.
365 practice exam questions and counting:
Designed to help you assess and study efficiently and effectively
Evaluate your strengths and find the gaps in your knowledge. Get a question wrong? Get instant support with clear feedback, including references to common breastfeeding texts.
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Instant-feedback questions with study references
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Questions aligned to the IBLCE exam topics and written by experts in the field
Lots of photo questions, just like the exam!
Track your learning progress and focus on the areas where you need the most support with our new, user-friendly LER Qbank platform.
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Not just practice exam questions:
All the tools you need to gain the edge on the IBLCE exam
Your course subscription includes more than 360 practice exam questions plus these study tools:
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Exam Study Skills Webcast
Photo and medical anatomy flashcards
Self-study schedule to keep you on track
Access to our exclusive Facebook group, moderated by IBCLCs
Need to brush up on the exam content?
Add in the Enriched Review.
Both seasoned, practicing IBCLC and first-timers can benefit from a review of the content, built specifically around the exam topics. Refresh your knowledge of areas of practice you don't engage in every day with our Enriched Review.
The enriched course adds to everything above with:
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32 video sessions designed to brush up your knowledge, aligned to the topics of the exam. Led by experts in the field with a deep knowledge of IBLCE.
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27 case reviews, designed to prepare you for the case review questions and help you apply your knowledge to the exam - and your future practice.
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Which course should I take?
Both of these proven, highly popular course subscriptions include our guarantee. Pass the exam or we will extend your access to the review, including an upgrade to enriched.
The enriched class adds review sessions on each of the exam topics, plus case reviews to help you apply what you’ve learned, both to the exam and your lactation practice.

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IBLCE Exam Review

IBLCE Exam Review Enriched

This on-line course includes:
This on-line course includes:
More than 300 instant-feedback exam questions, including lots of photo questions, all aligned to the exam topics
Exclusive Facebook Group
Exam Skill Webcast
Photo Flashcards
Anatomy Flashcards
Anatomy Worksheet
Self-Study Schedule
Six months of course access
Online and On Your Time
Topical worksheets and answer keys on top exam topics  
32 video lessons of content review aligned to the exam  
27 Case Studies  
  No Contact Hours or CERPs awarded
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What our students are saying.
  • "I just sat this morning to take my board exam, and I would just like to say that this was an awesome awesome study tool. I believe it helped me become more prepared for the exam than I quite honestly was expecting. I am so glad I stumbled across this website, such valuable information! Now to patiently wait until October for my results..."
  • "LER has been a wonderful experience from start to (almost) finish. And I realized most especially while sitting for the IBCLC exam that I was well prepared because I had chosen LER. There was no topic that I felt wasn’t covered. The course provided a comprehensive understanding of lactation and the role of the lactation consultant."
  • "Answering exam questions is good way for me to learn. thanks for this comprehensive review and all the pictures".
  • "Thanks for offering this exam review. I found these practice exam questions very true to the actual exam. Other reviews which I took were so difficult that they scared me! I felt very prepared Now the wait for the exam results!"
  • "The flash cards were great! I studied them on my iPhone."