Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

History and Background

LACTATION EDUCATION RESOURCES (LER) was formed as a continuation of a well-established program at Georgetown University Medical Center. In the winter of 1997, Georgetown University Medical Center dissolved the National Capital Lactation Center and the lactation management programs that had been developed there. This included the Lactation Consultant Training Program, Clinical Internship Program and advanced practice workshops as well as various educational materials. During her 15-year employment at Georgetown University Medical Center, Vergie Hughes, RN MS IBCLC, developed the National Capital Lactation Center in 1986 and the Lactation Consultant Training Program in 1990. Under her direction, they both became well respected nationally and internationally.

Rather then see these successful programs end when Georgetown University closed them, Ms. Hughes established Lactation Education Resources (LER), an independent technical training institute in 1997. The breastfeeding support services provided by the National Capital Lactation Center and the Lactation Consultant Training Program continued under her direction.

In the next stage of growth, Inova Learning Network administered these lactation management programs until 2009 when LER again took over these programs. The same faculty has taught the program since it was part of Georgetown University and Inova Learning Network, and they remain part of the faculty of Lactation Education Resources. They are committed to continuing to teach this highly respected program, which has trained over 5000 professionals to become lactation consultants.

Lactation Education Resources focuses on providing exclusively online lactation consultant training and continuing education for practicing lactation consultants. Online distance learning is rapidly becoming the educational mode of choice and Lactation Education Resources recognizes the many advantages it affords the learner. We are constantly expanding and improving the number of courses we offer.

Lactation Education Resources will continue to be in the forefront of lactation training by offering new and innovative programs and developing educational materials.