Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

These free handouts and teaching resources are offered to parents and professionals. Professionals working with new families may download and duplicate these handy flyers for your clients. You are free to use them as you see fit.

Pregnancy Handouts

Preconception Planning Well Woman Resources
Baby Registry Shopping for Your Baby
Siblings Recommended Reading


Lactation Handouts

Selecting a Breast Pump Calming a Crying Newborn
Positioning and Latch-on Mother Led Positioning and Latch-on Baby Led
Signs of a Good Feeding Helping a Breastfed Baby Accept a Bottle
Hunger Cues Waking a Sleepy Baby
Working and Breastfeeding Sore Nipples
Is My Baby Getting Enough Engorgement
Storage and Handling of Breastmilk What to Do When Baby Refuses the Breast
Mastitis and Plugged Duct Increasing Supply
Tips for Day Care Providers Breastfeeding in the Hospital
Flat or Inverted Nipples Importance of Latch-on
Increasing Milk Supply for NICU Moms Over Supply and Overactive Let Down
When to Call a Lactation Consultant 5 Keys to Successful Breastfeeding
Baby Registry Calming a Colicky Breastfeeding Baby
Checklist for Positioning and Lactch-on Feeding Log
I Wish I Knew Nipple Shields
Overcoming Bottle Rejection Well Woman Resources
Preconception Planning Resources for Adding Solid Foods
Pacifier Use

Bottle Feeding Like Breastfeeding

Helping a Breastfed Baby Accept a Bottle

Breast Refusal

Congratulations on Your New Baby Employed Breastfeeding Mother
Family and Friends Funny Breastmilk
Hands-on Pumping Let-down
Maternal Surgery Paced Bottle Feeding
Resources in Northern Virginia for Breast Feeding Selecting and Using Devices
Survival Guide for the First Two Weeks Weaning
Hand Expression of Breastmilk Breastfeeding After Cesarean
Traveling with Baby Traveling without Baby
Tips for Day Care Provider  What is Baby Friendly Hospital?


Handouts in Spanish

Storage and Handling of Breastmilk Sp
Engorgement Sp
Sore Nipples Sp
Employed Breastfeeding Mother Sp
Breast Massage and Compression Breast Pumps Spanish


Handouts in Chinese





宝宝自主的衔乳PositioningBaby Led 唤醒嗜睡的新生儿 Waking
安抚烦燥的母乳宝宝 Calming 按摩和挤压乳房BreastMassage
宝宝吃到了足够的乳汁吗GettingEnough 乳管堵塞和乳腺炎Mastitis
不同的喂奶方法Alternative 如何更多地产奶IncreasingSupply
乳头扁平和乳头凹陷FlatInverted 何时找泌乳专家 When to Call LC
当宝宝拒绝乳房时Refuses 日间护理母乳儿的小贴士Daycare
乳房肿胀 乳头破裂疼痛