Technical FAQs

Technical Problems Overview

Experiencing technical problems after signing up for an online course can take much of the joy out of learning the material. For that reason we strongly enourage you to take time to review the technical specifications and the Quick Start Video. The Quick Start Video is also included with every course.

If you ever experience any technical problems before, during or after completing a lesson, do not repeat the lesson. Instead, we recommend that you review the troubleshooting problems/solutions on this page. If you find you cannot fix the problem, feel free to email tech support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Many problems are caused by issues that are easy to fix and are discussed on this page.

Computer Setup

In order to achieve the most trouble free interaction with the course material we recommend certain free software. We recommend the Google Chrome browser and the Mozilla Firefox browser. Students have had the best experience with these two options on their desk top or laptop computers.
Google Chrome is free and is available to be downloaded here
Mozilla Firefox is free and available to be downloaded here.
If you choose to use other web browsers, please make sure you have the latest versions of these browsers installed on your computer for the best course functionality. Here is a link to check if everything is up to date.

All of our lectures are presented as Adobe Flash Videos so it is important to have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer. Adobe Flash is free and available here. You do not need the "Other Valuable Offer" so you can uncheck that box.

One other item that you will need is the Adobe Acrobat Reader to display PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available here.

iPad and iPhone and Apple products

All of our lessons are html5 and are able to be viewed with the Google Chrome web browser. We only support Google Chrome for html5 playback on iPad's and iPhones phones. Please insure that the minimum specifications are met by your device as outlined below. The Safari web browser is capable of running html5 but is not as compliant as Google Chrome is, for that reason we recommend using Chrome. Apple MACtm and Powerbooktm devices do have Adobe Flash support and the Safari browser is compatible with our courses, but you will need the Adobe Flash plugin enabled. We recommend that the latest version of OS X or iOS be installed as this will give you the latest version of Safari as well. Any version of Safari before 9.1 will not perform as expected.

Android and Galaxy

All of our lessons are html5 and are able to be viewed with the Google Chrome web browser. We only support Google Chrome for html5 playback on tablets and smart phones. Please insure that the minimum specifications are met by your device as outlined below.

For All Devices

The minimum specifications are: Updated Adobe Flash (see iPad and Android sections above if you plan to use a tablet or phone), Updated Chrome or Firefox browsers, 1 GB or RAM and 1 Ghz Dual core Processor. If your device has less than these you may not have the best experience. With less than these minimums we have seen devices crash, web browsers lock up, lessons freeze and lessons not mark complete automatically. We recommend the latest Operating System, 2 GB of RAM or more and 1.5 Ghz Dual core Processor or faster for the best experience.

Puffin Browser Navigation

To navigate through slides using the Puffin browser on your Apple or Android devices, you may use the lesson menu on the left side of the screen to select any slide in any order. In addition, on the right side of the screen there is a gray tab with three white vertical dots. If you click the dots it will bring up a "Theater" icon. Clicking Theater displays the entire screen, including a player at the bottom of the screen to allow forward and backward movement.

View Quick Start Video

We recommend that everyone view the the Quick Start video for some basic information on navigating the Learning Management System. It is available here

Exit and Resume

If you wish to exit a lesson and resume at the same place, click on the 'Course Home'  button above the slide.

Video Will Not Mark Complete

It is very important that at the end of a lesson you click the 'Course Home' button.  This marks your course complete.  If your course does not mark complete, you do not have to view the lesson again.  Just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will mark your course complete on our side. This is sometimes caused by the interaction of your web browser and our learning management system and is one reason that we highly recommend the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

If Your Video Stops and Will Not Continue- Clear Your Browser Cache

This is generally the result of your browser cache for temporary internet files not emptying and therefore not able to accept new data. We suggest that you clear your browser cache. The instructions are found here

Clinical Skills Workshop Video Stutters, Stops and Starts

Unfortunately the local computer is not like a TV set that basically all display images in the same way. There are many reasons why streaming video may stop and start including connection speed, hard drive space available to write buffered data, buffer size, available RAM, CPU speed and usage, old flash player versions, server speed, video card quality among others. The server is sending a stream of data which the local computer stores away until the local computer buffer has filled sufficiently to start playing the movie. Then the movie starts playing. If the buffer does not or cannot fill fast enough, the movie will stop until the buffer fills again. If your local computer starts and stops while playing a movie or studders, the easiest solution may be to start the movie, press the pause key on the control bar under the movie (the button with the two vertical bars is the pause button) and wait while the buffer fills. You can do something else for awhile (a couple minutes should probably be enough) and then press the pause button again to start your movie. This should provide a reasonable viewing experience. As these are all Flash movies, the first action to take is to make sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine. Follow this link to update your Flash Player You do not need to install the "Other Valuable Offers" so you can uncheck that box.  We also recommend downloading and installing the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.