Lactation Management for Licensed Healthcare Providers

Advantages for You and Your Practice
  • Become more valuable to your employer
  • Increase your range of skills
  • Be known as a breastfeeding friendly practice
  • Attract new breastfeeding families to your practice
  • Increase the breastfeeding rates in your community
Female doc and baby
Advantages for Your Patients
  • Give expert advice to your families of newborns
  • Problem solve breastfeeding difficulty
  • Increase breastfeeding duration
  • Support breastfeeding mothers returning to work
  • Provide support during emergencies
Lady breastfeeding with plaid baby

Whether you are looking for additional lactation management expertise to enhance your skills or you want to become an IBCLC, we have the solution!

Requirements for IBCLC Certification:

Checkmark 8 College Courses - completed during your General Education

Checkmark 1000 hours of hands-on lactation support - completed in unison with your work hours

LER 90-hour lactation specific training - click the green buy now button below!

Upon completion this course awards 90 L-CERPs, 90 Nursing Contact Hours and 90 CPE's

Work at your own pace, access for one year, most students complete the program in 3-4 months.

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Here is what Providers are saying about our program:

"I have to tell you I'm just loving the program! As a PA in outpatient pediatrics, I use the information I've learned so far on a daily basis! I feel that having this knowledge and being able to help mothers struggling to breastfeed early on prevents hospital readmissions for weight loss and jaundice. Sometimes it just takes a few little changes (changing positions to help with nipple pain, ensuring baby is actively sucking or staying awake, etc.) to change the experience for mom and help baby feed well and gain weight. Also I think having extra breastfeeding support after discharge at the pediatrician's office helps mothers stay encouraged through difficult times and helps them to continue breastfeeding longer.  I'm grateful for the program!"
"I am currently working as a Certified Nurse-Midwife providing lactation support and consults on a daily basis. I decided to become a Certified Lactation Consultant and have been diligently working on the 90 hr- course. I would like to commend you for a superior program so far. I am truly quieted and humbled by all the information I did not know. The course is extremely organized and comprehensive. I know I will finish and be a more knowledgeable and prepared clinician. I cannot thank you enough. Gaye Ficarrotta CNM"