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cont_ed_01Finally! An easy, user-friendly, inexpensive way to earn CERPs for lactation consultants,  contact hours for nurses and CPE's for dieticians. 

Simply view the webcast and do the activities. Then take the online post test and print your certificate. It couldn't be easier!

Each module includes:

  • Webcast Powerpoint Presentation two hours (some lessons are longer)
  • Bibliography
  • Moderated online Discussion Forum
  • Post Test and Course Evaluation
  • Print your completion certificate immediately!

Access for 12 months

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Infant Assessment, Growth and Development

This comprehensive course covers all aspects from newborn assessment through growth and development to 18 months of the breastfeeding baby.

Order Infant Assessment, Growth and Development

Milk Banking

This course is a comprehensive overview of donor screening, milk processing, storage and distribution of pasteurized donor breastmilk. Includes a discussion of informal milk sharing.

Order Milk Banking

Politics of Breastfeeding

This course looks at the history of infant formula, the worldwide decline of breastfeeding including the cultural trends and the international as well as U.S. organizations which are active in supporting breastfeeding.

Order Politics of Breastfeeding

Jaundice and Breastfeeding

This overview course gives detailed information of causes and treatments for jaundice in the breastfeeding newborn.

Order Jaundice and the Breastfeeding Newborn

Engorgement and Mastitis

This course covers the causes and treatments of engorgement, mastitis, abcesses and galactoceles.

Order Engorgement and Mastitis

Professional Development

This course  discusses the training necessary to becoming credentialed as a lactation consultant, the IBLCE exam and the exam blueprint, the standards that guide professional practice including the Code of Professional Conduct, Scope of Practice and Clinical Competencies.  IBCLC's are encouraged to develop their personal philosophy that will guide their practice and direct their professional growth.

Order Professional Development

Slow Weight Gain in Breastfeeding Infants

This course discusses slow weight gain and failure to thrive and their causes. Also assessment of maternal milk supply and how to increase it.

Order Slow Weight Gain in Breastfeeding Infants

Sexuality and the Breastfeeding Family

This course discusses problems common to all breastfeeding families as related to sexuality, resuming sexual relations and contraception.

Order Sexuality and the Breastfeeding Family

Teaching So Parents Learn

Discussion of principles of adult learning, learning styles and teaching tips. Explore the variety of breastfeeding classes which you can offer.

Order Teaching So Parents Learn

Tongue-tie - Assessment and Treatment in Infants

This in-depth course discusses the assessment and treatment of tongue-tie in infants.

Order Tongue-tie - Assessment and Treatment in Infants

Universal Precautions and Infection Control

This course discusses the modes of transmission of infection including the chain of infection and describes practices employed to interrupt the transmission of infection.  Includes a post test and bibliography.  Instructor is Marion 'Lou' Lamb RN, MS, 1 CEU and 1 Nursing Contact Hour. $15.00.

Order Universal Precautions and Infection Control

Ethical Considerations in Lactation Consulting

This course covers ethical dilemmas facing lactation consultants. Includes the IBLCE Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLC's. Instructor is Marion 'Lou' Lamb, RN, MS, IBCLC. 2 E-CERPs, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPE's $25.00

Order Ethical Considerations in Lactation Consulting