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cont_ed_01Finally! An easy, user-friendly, inexpensive way to earn CERPs for lactation consultants,  contact hours for nurses and CPEs for dieticians. 

Simply view the webcast and do the activities. Then take the online post test and print your certificate. It couldn't be easier! View our Disclosure Information

Each module includes:

  • Webcast Powerpoint Presentation two hours (some lessons are longer)
  • Bibliography
  • Moderated online Discussion Forum
  • Post Test and Course Evaluation
  • Print your completion certificate immediately!

Access for 12 months

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The following is a testimonial from a LER Continuing Education student:

"I am taking another Continuing Ed course on the internet, for my lactation CERPs. At this point I have enough for the the recertification by CERPs. I just want you to know that it does not compare at all to yours. Yours was excellent, easy to understand, and the videos and YouTube presentations made it come alive. So keep up the good work, and when I need more CERPs I will definitely come your way." - Jane Squires

Lactation Education Resources provides a variety of continuing education programs for nurses, dieticians, lactation consultants and other professionals.  The learning objectives are listed at the beginning of each activity.

The course will be successfully completed when the learner has viewed the entirety of the lesson and successfully completed the post test.

Speakers for Lactation Education Resources do not have a conflict of interest related to the lactation field in general and to their education lesson in particular.  There no is commercial support or sponsorship for any of our programs.

There is no endorsement expressed or implied on any of the equipment that is used in any of the lessons.  Any equipment used for teaching purposed is for illustrative purposes only.

Lactation Education Resources is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Virginia Nurses Association, an approved accrediting institution by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. VNA Provider #16-03-03P.  Approved until March 30, 2019


This offering is approved by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Long-term Providership CLT 109-31  Approval until  December 31, 2017


CDR Accredited Provider #LA002  Approved until August 31, 2018

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Tongue-tie - Assessment and Treatment in Infants html5

This in-depth course discusses the assessment and treatment of tongue-tie in infants. *Note - Course includes an exercise requiring access to infants.

4 L-CERPs, 4 Nursing Contact Hours and 4 CPEs  $49.00

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Medical Terminology html5

This course covers the derivations of medical terms from Greek and Latin roots, including prefixes and suffixes and common abbreviations. Terms focus on childbirth and lactation.  Lesson includes flash cards (viewable on portable devices).

4 Nursing Contact Hours $49.00

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Ethical Issues for Lactation Consultants html5

Satisfy your IBLCE E-CERPs requirements online! IBLCE now requires 5 E-CERPs to qualify for recertification.

5 E-CERPs, 5 Nursing Contact Hours and 5 CPEs  $79.00

Clinical Skills Online html5

The Clinical Skills Online includes:

  • Video presentations of clinical skills
  • Case studies
  • Video lecture Initiating Breastfeeding: A Biological Perspective
  • Video lecture Solving Sucking Problems
  • Video lecture Anatomy of a Consult

13.5 L-CERPs, 13.5 Nursing Contact Hours and 13.5 CPEs  $195.00

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Case Studies html5

Anatomy of a Breastfeeding Consult is a detailed description of the components of the assessment of the mother, infant, family and breastfeeding session.  Through these case studies we will explore five different situations and you will decide on the treatment recommendations.

6 L-CERPs,  6 Nursing Contact Hours and 6 CPE's   $75.00

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Breastfeeding in the NICU

Breastfeeding the NICU Infant

A comprehensive on-line course for NICU nurses and lactation consultants.

11 L-CERP's, 11 nursing contact hours and 11 CPE's $129


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Basics of Lactation Management Nurses html5

These self learning modules provide the basics of lactation management for bedside nurses. Become confident in assisting your breastfeeding mothers with basic skills and trouble shooting problems.

3 Nursing Contact Hours and 3 CPE's, $39.95

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Basics of Lactation Management Complete Nursing html5

These self learning modules provide the basics of lactation management for bedside nurses. Become confident in assisting your breastfeeding mothers with basic skills and trouble shooting problems.

5 Nursing Contact Hours and 5 CPE's   $69.95

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