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A Breastfeeding Tale of Four Cities Part 3: West
Continuing our series on the landscape of breastfeeding in the US, we’re shifting our focus westward to Oakland, California. We’ll quickly assess the challenges that exist, then highlight a lactation support group that is working to close gaps and reach families in innovative ways. While it’s true that no other area is consistently underperforming as significantly as the South when compared to the CDC’s Breastfeeding Score Card, there is room for improvement in every direction. This is true eve...
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What Our Students Are Saying

What Our Students Are Saying

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such excellent BF CPE courses at an affordable price and easily accessible, professional format. I am very impressed and pleased with the caliber of instruction and education given and look forward to applying these principles in my work with BF moms.

I love the course offerings and can’t wait to do more. They are so varied and interesting!!!!! Melissa

I just finished Vergie's lecture, “Supporting the Employed Breastfeeding Mother," and I am motivated and inspired! Vergie, you supplied an absolute wealth of information in this lecture. EMS week is next week, and I am so happy to report that for breastfeeding mothers in our local air/ground ambulance company, it should be a great week indeed, as they will soon be implementing a new breastfeeding friendly workplace guideline (which brings mothers off their ambulance and back to the EMS headquarters to safely express milk undisturbed). Can you imagine that? I was able to use this great information to assist in this effort, and will also be using Vergie's suggestions to help develop/improve a pumping room for these EMS moms, which will include brand new spare pump parts, a brand new spare hand pump, spare bottles and bags, breastfeeding reading material, handouts (pumping, let down, for caregivers, etc.), a mirror to adjust their uniforms, a spare ice pack, a spare milk storage bag, sanitizer and dish soap, samples of nipple creams and pump sanitizer wipes, and more. Thanks for the information and motivation Vergie - as you can tell, I enjoyed my self-assigned "homework project!”

I just want you to know how much I am enjoying the curriculum presentations for the Lactation Consultant Training program. Although I have been a Mother-Baby RN for 30 years, I am always amazed when I learn new concepts and techniques for patient care and communication. I am anticipating a great “pass” when I take the exam in 2016; this is great material for preparation.

Thank you so very much!  This has been a long (and sometimes frustrating) journey for me.  I want to thank you for the continued support and flexibility that enabled me to complete this great program.  I have already and will continue to recommend it to my fellow colleagues and friends.  Good luck and God bless you and the LER team now and in the future to come.

What a gift you have given me and such a blessing (you'll never know).  I have thoroughly enjoyed your courses and instructors.  As I told Vergie, I am thrilled to announce I passed my IBCLC test (whoa, what a difficult test!) and I did well to boot!  I studied a lot of different texts and took some classes from my work, but I would have to say your site was the one I used the most, which in turn helped me the most.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!  You're the very best!!!

I am taking another continuing ed course on the internet, for my lactation CERPS. At this point I have enough for the the re-certification by CERPS.  I just want you to know that it does not compare at all to yours.  Yours was excellent.  Easy to understand, and the videos and YouTube presentations made it come alive.  So keep up the good work, and when I need more CERPS I will definitely come your way.

May I say I am more than impressed with your on line course, great presentations and incredible support. I will highly recommend you to my colleagues.

I just wanted to post to say thank you for the incredibly helpful websites. The women I teach will benefit greatly from the information.

Thanks and hello, Vergie.  I hope that you and yours are well and thriving.  I always get a flash of pleasure when I think of the classes that I took with you.  I hope that you understand the impact that you make on your students, and how much your humanity shines into and inspires your teaching.

I really appreciate all the wonderful resources you provide via links to websites. There is so much information out there, and it helps so much to have some of it vetted by LER. I work in Public Health, so resources in other languages is really valuable. Thanks!

I've just successfully completed the final exam! What a fabulous class! Thanks so much for offering such a convenient and high quality option for obtaining lactation education!

Also I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the course, I'm finding it fascinating, and am recommending it to other nurses and midwives at my new job.

I have finished your course.  I signed up last November and have finally completed.  I have to tell you the interview sessions were so helpful and informative.  I am applying to take the exam this summer.  I am also so happy that I have access to this as I will be able to review again prior to the exam.  I think your online program is excellent!  I really cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate the interview sessions with the consultants in the different venues, what a great resource!

Thanks...this had been a truly wonderful program and I have learned much more than I expected. 

Thanks for have a wonderful program and I really learned a great deal

I really enjoyed your online class and case studies.  I will definitely suggest this class to others. 

"Hi Vergie,

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the course work and passed the final exam. LOVED the course. Very interesting, extremely comprehensive and well-rounded with so many different speakers. Would very much recommend this course to everyone. Feel I will be in good shape for the IBLCE next year as long as I keep learning and practicing. So much information that is easy to forget! Thanks again. You are a fabulous educator and resource.

This course was so well worth it! Thanks so much, I learned a lot, and I am already feeling much more competent helping my breast feeding moms after delivery.

Wow!  This class has been a wild and wonderful ride.  I can't believe how effective this course is.  I feel empowered by all the new information and humbled by the infinite amount of information I have yet to master beyond the exam material as the breadth of lactation information is so vast  While I certainly have a long way to go, I am now fully equipped with a theoretical framework and resources required to resolve questions that may arise. Thank you putting this amazing course together.

Thanks so much for this class, I have really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I usually play a lesson as  I sit down to nurse my daughter in the rocking chair. I let her fall asleep in my lap until the end of the lesson. The information has all been presented in a manner that keeps me interested.

Before bed I went to the website to see if the board scores were posted early......I PASSED!!!! I couldn't wait to tell you!  My mentor. You believed in me from day one. I well remember phoning you several years ago with questions about how to obtain the possibility of becoming an IBCLC. You invited me to your home to talk about it. I bet it was seven years ago.

So many unforeseen twists and turns occurred since then, but my desire to accomplish this never left, Neither did your encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Vergie, if you were standing in front of be we would be jumping up and down. Instead, I am sending you a very big hug.

Also, I wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher and advocate for aspiring lactation consultants. I have learned so much from you and your courses and am really enjoying going through this process.

Thank you for offering the online lactation course.  I found it to be very educational, comprehensive, and convenient, and I certainly look forward to participating in additional LER educational opportunities in the future.

Vergie, you are a very good teacher and a great mentor. You have a wonderful team of resource personnel, I enjoyed every aspect of the lectures and appreciate the knowledge imparted to me. Thanks a lot.

After attending your on-line courses I wish I could rewind the hand of time to my breastfeeding days. I never expected breastfeeding to be so wide and complex a subject. I used to think it's a natural instinct, but now I know it's a skill to be learned and I will ensure my clients get the benefits of it.  Looking forward to enrolling for more courses in the future.

I PASSED!!!!  Phew, such relief, I cannot even tell you.  Thank YOU so much for all you do to help educate and sustain us!  You provide a wonderful service and are such a mentor to so many people.  Thank you!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful lectures and powerpoints. I have really enjoyed them. After 3 years of full-time work on a post-partum unit I thought I had a good handle on breastfeeding. I realize now the learning is just beginning. I can't wait! I also sincerely appreciate all you have contributed to Lactation Consultants, aspiring Lactation Consultants and mothers everywhere. You can count on my referrals to co-workers for Lactation Education Resources.

I've really enjoyed this course and have learned a lot, and I am already putting it to use in my daily practice as a midwife. I'll definitely recommend it to others.