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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CBS™ (Certified Breastfeeding Specialist™) professional certification?

The Certified Breastfeeding Specialist™  CBS™ is our trademarked certificate that is awarded upon completion of one of the following:

This Certification is good for 5 years!
To view the Scope of Practice for a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist click here.

What is an IBCLC?

You can find the answer by watching the video below!

Where can I find out about IBLCE professional certification?

The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) currently offers the certification exam twice a year. It is offered in computerized testing centers located in most large cities throughout the U.S. and in many countries around the world. Visit their website find out more.

Which IBLCE Pathway is right for me?

Pathway 1 is generally for those who work with lactation in a clinical setting that have already obtained, or will obtain a minimum of 1000 hours of lactation specific clinical experience through paid or volunteer work as a:
Recognized Health Professional
and / or
Recognized Breastfeeding Support Counselor Organizations.
Additional details are available in the FAQ section from the IBLCE.
Pathway 1 requirements are set by the IBLCE and may be viewed here.

Pathway 2 is for those who want to complete a college or university program in lactation management in order to become eligible to sit for the IBLCE Exam. Look for a program that is LEAARC Accredited.

Pathway 3 allows those with little to no experience in a clinical setting to enter the field. This pathway requires mentorship by a practicing IBCLC.
Pathway 3 requirements are determined by the IBLCE and may be viewed here. If you have questions about their requirements you can contact the IBLCE online or by telephone at 703-560-7330.

We are accredited by Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC) and our courses are accepted by the IBLCE. For more information about how we can help you meet the IBLCE requirements, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I need to become certified?

Although certification is not a legal requirement, it is the ethical thing to do. By becoming certified you are offering your clients a measure of reassurance that you have achieved a certain level of competence. It also separates you from colleagues who have an interest in breastfeeding support, but have not taken the extra step of becoming certified. Being certified may give you an advantage in hiring for certain positions.

How can I find a mentor for obtaining clinical hours?

If you do not currently have a position that involves contact with mothers and babies, you may need to volunteer at places such as WIC, your local health department, pediatrician's office, etc. One may opt to participate in a Clinical Internship program to obtain the required hours.

Lactation Education Resources offers a Clinical Internship for those who have taken a comprehensive lactation training course and who wish to gain practical experience. Programs of 100 hours to 500 hours are available. LER has internships in many states. View this page for more info.

Another path is by asking any current IBCLC to participate in a mentorship. Find more in depth information on how to find a mentor on our blog article "The Mentor Match: A Real World Guide To Finding a Lactation Mentor".

To make it easy to document clinical hours the IBLCE provides a clinical practice worksheet. Go to IBLCE Documents, go under the Guides column, and click on Lactation Specific Clinical Practice Calculator to bring up the Excel spreadsheet. For more information on clinical hour requirements, please contact the IBLCE or call them at 703-560-7330.

Can I become a Lactation Consultant if I am not a Nurse?

Yes, the most likely Pathway for you is Pathway Three. For more information go to: Where to Start.

Where can I find work as a lactation consultant?

IBCLCs can work in a wide range of health care settings such as Hospitals, Public Health Clinics, Lactation Centers, Milk Banks, Medical Practices, Midwifery Practices and/or Private Lactation Consultant Practices.

Educational activities can range from teaching parents and families to educating other health professionals and colleagues.

Is Lactation Education Resources an accredited training program?

Yes! Our 95+ hour Lactation Consultant Training Program is LEAARC approved, the organization that accredits lactation training courses.
  • L-CERPs are awarded by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Lactation Education Resources, Long-term Providership CLT 109-31.
  • Lactation Education Resources is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. Providership #P0519.
  • The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) has approved our 95 hour LC Training Program Enriched to award 81.5 CEs/3.5 RxCEs upon completion of the entire 95+ hour online training program. ACNM Approved Program #2021/018
  • The CDR accepts hours without prior CDR approval and recognizes approval by the ANCC. When recording hours on the CDR Activity Log, indicate the provider as "Lactation Education Resources (ANCC)".

How long will I have access to my online course?

Our lactation training courses offer one year of access from the date of purchase, except Exam Review. You may extend your access to your lactation training courses for an additional 6 months here. Our Exam Review courses offer a one-time 6 month subscription.

How many times may I review the material?

You may go back and rewatch your lessons and/or retake your final exam as many times as you wish until your access expires.

Will these courses work on an iPad, iPhone or Android based tablet or phone?

Yes, we publish our lessons in HTML5 which is mobile device friendly.

Please check out our Tech FAQ's for specific information.

What should I know about the provider of the Education?

Please check out the page Questions to ask of your school for more information.

Where and when is the exam offered?

The IBLCE certification exam is now offered twice a year in various locations in the U. S. and several countries around the world. For IBLCE application deadlines and exam requirements, visit the IBLCE website or call them at 703-560-7330.

LER offers a Breastfeeding Specialist Certificate  CBS™ that can be used until you have completed all of the requirements for the IBLCE exam.

Upcoming Dates for the IBLCE Certification Exams

The IBLCE exam is offered two times a year. Please note these deadlines to ensure all required information is approved by the IBLCE so that you can take the exam without problems. Since changes may occur before exam testing, check the IBLCE website regularly to verify this information and for details as they become available.

Where can I find my payment receipt?

Payment receipts are emailed directly to you, immediately after purchase. As a security precaution, they are not saved in your online account. You can request a copy of your receipt by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where can I find my completion certificate?

Completion certificates are saved in your "Certificates" tab found on the MY COURSES page.