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We are proud to offer comprehensive lactation education and topical courses to support your profession.

Featured Courses:

Comprehensive Review of Infant Suck
World renowned author and researcher Cathy Watson-Genna BS IBCLC RLC reviews tongue movement during normal breastfeeding, conditions that may impact infant sucking skills, describes the importance of latch in normal sucking and defines breastfeeding related consequences of tongue tie as well as discusses interventions for feeding problems related to tongue-tie.
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3 L-CERP's, 3 Nursing Contact Hours and 3 CPE's
Training for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
Our Training for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative has been developed specifically to meet the educational requirements of Baby-Friendly USA. Our courses cover all 'Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding' and will prepare your staff to care for breastfeeding mothers AND successfully pass the BFHI site visit.
We now offer specialist courses and a NICU course as well!
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Recertify by CERPs!
We offer many discounted bundles and packages of courses to fulfill the CERP and E-CERP requirement when recertifying by CERPs.
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Exam Review Courses
Taking the exam soon?
Be prepared for your IBLCE exam with our on-line package of video lectures, timed practice exams, professional social networking and more!
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