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A Deeper Look: Deconstructing Real Case Studies

Six guided, interactive case studies

Price: $99.00 USD

Activate Epigenetics

How human milk and breast/chestfeeding activates ...

Price: $24.00 USD

Anatomy and Physiology of the Mammary Gland

Essential information for exam prep and lactation ...

Price: $24.00 USD

Anatomy of a Lactation Consultation

Your step by step guide to a great consult

Price: $24.00 USD

Annual Update 2021

What's new in breastfeeding research and ...

Price: $17.00 USD

Annual Update 2022

Round-up of 2021’s Key Research

Price: $17.00 USD

Annual Update 2023

How the newest data shape practice

Price: $24.00 USD

ARRIVE Trial: A Critical Analysis & International Perspective

Deeply hone your research analysis skills

Price: $17.00 USD

Assuring Breastfeeding Success

The 12 most critical steps.

Price: $30.00 USD

Basics of Lactation Management

A start-to-finish foundation for practice

Price: $79.00 USD

Basics of Lactation Management for Doulas

A start-to-finish foundation for practice.

Price: $79.00 USD

Breast Pumps

Covers breast pumps, expressing, and using stored ...

Price: $24.00 USD

BreaSteps: Breastfeeding the Premature Infant

Premature baby in the NICU setting and skin-to-skin ...

Price: $42.00 USD

Breastfeeding and Motherhood from the Perspective of Islam

Key understandings for culturally humble, effective ...

Price: $24.00 USD

Breastfeeding and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Best practices for infants and parents

Price: $30.00 USD
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