Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

Lactation Education Resources (LER) LIVE! Session:

LER LiveA one hour session where you can bring questions from your studies and/or scenarios from your clinical work or internships. We will have a presentation of a clinical case study to help with problem solving skills in real life scenarios. The facilitator is a seasoned IBCLC and has an area of expertise relevant to the case study presentation. The LIVE sessions are an hour and very interactive.


Live Interactive Learning (LIL) Session:

LER Live Interactive LearningShort focused learning sessions increases knowledge and retention. These sessions will help you successfully complete the IBLCE certification exam and develop a strong knowledge base to use in your clinical practice. We will have 5-7 minutes of content and 7-10 minutes of discussion to thoroughly discuss the topic.


A full calendar of events are available on our LIL and LER Live calendar page.

Sample LIL Session:

Interested in experiencing one of these sessions? Click play on the video below to view a sample session.