Lactation Management Training: From Novice to Expert

  • Looking to become an IBCLC?

    Looking to become an IBCLC?

    We offer lactation specific training for everyone interested in breastfeeding!

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    Are you recertifying as an IBCLC?

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    Are you looking for CME Credits?

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    Looking for training for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative?

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Infant Ready Emergency Feeding Program


 Infant Ready Emergency Feeding Program 


Improve infant, maternal and community health outcomes during and after a disaster with this convenient online course.
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1.5 L-CERPs and 1.5 Nursing Contact Hours
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Guest Blog: Why Did I Become a Lactation Consultant by Gail Duilio
When I was pregnant with my first girl, I started reading about breastfeeding and its benefits where I joined also a breastfeeding group on Facebook. Gradually I get attached to the idea till I welcomed my baby girl where I breastfed her exclusively for 2 years and the breastfeeding journey was repeated with my second girl and still breastfeeding her happily!
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Lactation Education Resources (LER) LIVE! Session:

LER LiveA one hour session where you can bring questions from your studies and/or scenarios from your clinical work or internships. We will have a presentation of a clinical case study to help with problem solving skills in real life scenarios. The facilitator is a seasoned IBCLC and has an area of expertise relevant to the case study presentation. The LIVE sessions are an hour and very interactive.


Live Interactive Learning (LIL) Session:

LER Live Interactive LearningShort focused learning sessions increases knowledge and retention. These sessions will help you successfully complete the IBLCE certification exam and develop a strong knowledge base to use in your clinical practice. We will have 5-7 minutes of content and 7-10 minutes of discussion to thoroughly discuss the topic.


A full calendar of events are available on our LIL and LER Live calendar page.

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What Students Are Saying

  • I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the course, I'm finding it fascinating, and am recommending it to other nurses and midwives at my new job.

  • Thanks...this had been a truly wonderful program and I have learned much more than I expected.

  • May I say I am more than impressed with your on line course, great presentations and incredible support. I will highly recommend you to my colleagues.

  • I did enjoy all of the course. It was the most helpful of ALL the courses that I studied. LER will be my only recommendation if I am asked.

  • I've just successfully completed the final exam! What a fabulous class! Thanks so much for offering such a convenient and high quality option for obtaining lactation education!

  • I just wanted to post to say thank you for the incredibly helpful websites. The women I teach will benefit greatly from the information.

  • I love the course offerings and can’t wait to do more. They are so varied and interesting!!!!! Melissa

  • Thanks for have a wonderful program and I really learned a great deal

  • I am so pleased with how prepared I felt taking the IBLCE exam on Monday, 10/1. It is, in no small part, due to the excellent material in your Lactation Consultant Training Program (Enriched). Thank you!

  • I've really enjoyed this course and have learned a lot, and I am already putting it to use in my daily practice as a midwife. I'll definitely recommend it to others.

  • I really enjoyed your online class and case studies. I will definitely suggest this class to others.

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