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Counseling Skills html5

This course discusses counseling skills necessary for effective lactation support. 

2 L-CERPs, 2 Nursing Contact Hours, and 2 CPEs  $25.00

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Composition of Human Milk html5

This course is an in-depth discussion of human milk, including its components and properties and their actions in the infant. Comparisons to infant formula are drawn.

2 L-CERPs, 2 Nursing Contact Hours and 2 CPEs  $25.00

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Clinical Skills Online html5

The Clinical Skills Online includes:

  • Video presentations of clinical skills
  • Case studies
  • Video lecture Initiating Breastfeeding: A Biological Perspective
  • Video lecture Solving Sucking Problems
  • Video lecture Anatomy of a Consult

13.5 L-CERPs, 13.5 Nursing Contact Hours and 13.5 CPEs  $195.00

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Case Studies html5

Anatomy of a Breastfeeding Consult is a detailed description of the components of the assessment of the mother, infant, family and breastfeeding session.  Through these case studies we will explore five different situations and you will decide on the treatment recommendations.

6 L-CERPs,  6 Nursing Contact Hours and 6 CPE's   $75.00

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